How Varnish met CHERI 7/N

Not much news

I have been occupied with other activities, so there isn’t much news about CHERI to report, except that I have still not been able to find any actual bugs in Varnish with it.

Having spent almost two decades with the quality knob stuck at “11” that is how it should be, and there’s no denying that I am a little bit proud of that.

But it also means I do not have a bug killed, classified and on display for the rest of the world to see just how amazing CHERI is, and why it should become standard in all computers: Embedded, handheld, servers, development, test and production.

Revisiting obscure corners of Varnish has caused me to commit a few of “spit&polish” changes, including an API which should have returned const but did not.

But I have not given up yet, and I will find a good example of what CHERI can do, sooner or later, but it may not be in the Varnish source code.