Varnish Cache 6.2.0

  • Source download varnish-6.2.0.tgz
  • SHA256=c37af353aca25a83d22f9c5ce0ae800fe433e4d02e1457e02886a5849f988e53

Varnish Cache 6.2.0 is a significant update from Varnish Cache 6.1, both under the hood and in new functionality.

If upgrading from 6.0 or 6.1, most users will not encounter any problems. However, VMODs and and VUT programs have to be recompiled, and for some users the VCL needs to be updated slightly.

More information:

Operating System Specific Installation Guides

EL7, Debian-Stretch and Ubuntu-Xenial packages can be found on

We recommend using the manual installation procedure available at: