The Varnish Users Guide

The Varnish documentation consists of three main documents:

After The Big Varnish Picture, this Users Guide is organized in sections following the major interfaces to Varnish as a service:

Starting and running Varnish is about getting Varnish configured, with respect to storage, sockets, security and how you can control and communicate with Varnish once it is running.

VCL - Varnish Configuration Language is about getting Varnish to handle the HTTP requests the way you want, what to cache, how to cache it, modifying HTTP headers etc. etc.

Reporting and statistics explains how you can monitor what Varnish does, from a transactional level to aggregating statistics.

Varnish and Website Performance is about tuning your website with Varnish.

Troubleshooting Varnish is for locating and fixing common issues with Varnish.