Bundling VMODs with the Varnish distribution

Decisions about whether to add a new Varnish module (VMOD) to those bundled with Varnish are guided by these criteria.

  • The VMOD is known to be in widespread use and in high demand for common use cases.

  • Or, if the VMOD is relatively new, it provides compelling features that the developer group agrees will be a valuable enhancement for the project.

  • The VMOD does not create dependencies on additional external libraries. VMODs that are “glue” for a library come from third parties.

    • We don’t want to add new burdens of dependency and compatibility to the project.

    • We don’t want to force Varnish deployments to install more than admins explicitly choose to install.

  • The VMOD code follows project conventions (passes make distcheck, follows source code style, and so forth).

    • A pull request can demonstrate that this is the case (after any necessary fixups).

  • The developer group commits to maintaining the code for the long run (so there will have to be a consensus that we’re comfortable with it).