Varnish Cache 4.1.3 - the 10 years anniversary release

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Wed Jul 6 14:53:50 CEST 2016

Hi Everybody,

Varnish Cache 4.1.3 is released

Find it here:

We have fixed couple dozen bugs and added a couple of minor features,
and as usual we urge you to upgrade so you run the latest and

The exact timing of this release is no coincidence:  Exactly 10
years ago, as I write this, Varnish Cache served live traffic
for the very first time:

    Jul 06 14:00:27 <phk>   20-23 Mbit/sec steady, 200 req/sec, 92.9% idle

To be honest, uptime wasn't our biggest strength at the time:

    Jul 06 14:00:30 <phk>   bewm

But some days later Varnish went into production at, and it's
still there, still doing its job:

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    X-VG-WebCache: m323-varnish-01

...and other peoples jobs as well, according to these guys:

Yeah: Proud daddy here - guilty as charged.

You can read more about neolithic Varnish here:

and here:

A quick status update from the project:

New website

Our new website is alive and (gently) kicking and we'd love for people
to help us make it better.

Send us pull requests to:

If you want to help us improve the documentation, send pull requests
to the main-tree:

And if somebody out there feels like volunteering to be the projects
postmaster@ and handle our mailing lists, PLEASE get in touch!

(My apologies for the current levels of spam on the lists, but I have
simply not gotten around to that yet.)

5.0 release

The 5.0 release will happen September 15th, and it very much looks like
it will have HTTP/2.0 support.  The plan is to still be able to use
"vcl 4.0;" syntax, so the upgrade shouldn't be too hard.

Funding Varnish Development

My time developing Varnish is funded by the "Varnish Moral License".

A big thanks are due to (in random order:

 * Varnish Software
 * Fastly
 * A company known only as "ADJS" in this context.

Much appreciated!

If anybody else wants in on the VML racket, I am currently underfunded
about EUR 2700/month.  Details, Accounting & FAQ here:

Varnish Awards & Summit in LA

Later this year Varnish Software throws a summit and inargurates
the "Varnish Awards" in LA:

I wonder if there will be a red carpet and photo-journalists asking
the attendees "Who are you wearing?"

I wonder even more how Varnish geeks will answer that question? :-)

Thanks for your attention & have a nice summer...


PS:  Don't forget to send in your entry to the VLCOCC1:

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