Old repo.varnish-cache.org repository going away

Denis Brækhus denis at varnish-software.com
Fri Aug 11 10:34:22 CEST 2017


The old repository-setup at http://repo.varnish-cache.org/ is being shut
on the 31st of August.

For a while, the official project package repositories have been hosted at
Now, we are removing the old apt/yum repository servers.

If you are currently using the old repositories with yum/apt, please take
steps to move your hosts to use the new repos.

Instructions for configuration of the current repositories can be found on
our website:

The source .tar.gz files will be served through the main website.
See the complete list of releases at http://varnish-cache.org/releases/
for download links.

Denis Brækhus Senior Engineer | Varnish Software AS
Cell: +47 48047724
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