open source parallel esi for varnish-cache

Nils Goroll slink at
Tue Aug 17 10:07:27 UTC 2021

We do not regularly announce new Varnish modules (VMODs) on this list, and the
only reason why we are making an exception today, is our understanding that a
module released yesterday may be of wider interest.

On (mirror)

we have released a Varnish Delivery Processor (VDP) for parallel ESI processing,
which can deliver relevant speedups where portions of ESI-processed objects are
not served from cache.

The module has been labeled as "mature" in the vmod directory[1] because it has
been run in production at the primary sponsor's ESI-heavy high capacity site for
about two years now.

The master branch has been tested against the current varnish-cache master
branch and we will maintain the code base going forward. We do not plan to
publicly release branches for past varnish-cache releases.

For community support, please use gitlab issues at

For commercial support inquiries, please contact varnish-support at

Besides our primary, unnamed sponsor who has made open source pESI for
varnish-cache possible, we thank BoardGameGeek[2] for their support of the
public open source release.




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