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#73: Regression test syntax
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 Here is a mock-up for the probelem in ticket #56:


 # Load a suitable VCL into varnish. Other verbs: load_vcl, use_vcl match
 CLI syntax.
 test_vcl {
         sub vcl_recv {

 # Client sends a request.  Not sure about argument here.
 # alternative could be:  client_send [-get] -proto 1.0 /
 client_send "GET / HTTP/1.0"
 # Server receives a request (default timeout)
 # Server sends reply.
 # Alternate syntax:  server_send [-200] -proto 1.1 -chunked "This" "Is"
 "A" "Test"
 server_send "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" -chunked "This" "Is" "A" "Test"
 # Client receives reply
 # Check that there is no Transfer-Encoding header
 client_header !Transfer-Encoding
 # Check that the length matches what the server sent
 client_match length
 # Check that the data matches what the server sent
 client_match data

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