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#44: DOC input:  ReqEnd shmem record
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 The ReqEnd record in the shared memory log has the following fields:
  2039158367 1158180241.888800123 1158180241.888854881 0.005646787
 0.000015924 0.000038834
  XID        Request timestamp    Complete timestamp   Idle time
 proc.time   xmit time

 XID is the transaction ID.  If no request was received it will be zero.

 Request timestamp is the time when we have received a complete request.

 Complete timestamp is when Varnish is done with the request.  This does
 *not* signify when the last byte has been transmitted to the client.  The
 last X kilobytes are still likely to be buffered in the kernel and on the
 way out.

 Idle time is the duration from when the connection was established or the
 previous request on it was completed.  In other words: the inter-request

 Proc time is how long Varnish took to prepare the reply

 Xmit time is how long it took Varnish to deliver the reply.  See above
 about kernel buffering.

 Request timestamp + proc time + xmit time = Complete timestamp.

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