[Varnish] #162: Varnish trunk dies with assert error in SES_Delete()

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Mon Oct 8 13:08:52 CEST 2007

#162: Varnish trunk dies with assert error in SES_Delete()
 Reporter:  anders                                       |        Owner:  phk  
     Type:  defect                                       |       Status:  new  
 Priority:  high                                         |    Milestone:       
Component:  varnishd                                     |      Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal                                       |   Resolution:       
 Keywords:  varnishd core dump SES_Delete cache_session  |  
Comment (by anders):

 I was erroneously using the -s option for gdb. :-(

 Backtrace here:

 root at cache10:/usr/local/varnish/cache10.finn.no# gdb -c
 varnishd_2007-10-08_12-50-01.core /usr/local/sbin/va
 GNU gdb 6.1.1 [FreeBSD]
 Copyright 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
 GDB is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and you
 welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain
 Type "show copying" to see the conditions.
 There is absolutely no warranty for GDB.  Type "show warranty" for
 This GDB was configured as "amd64-marcel-freebsd"...
 Core was generated by `varnishd'.
 Program terminated with signal 6, Aborted.
 Reading symbols from /usr/local/lib/libvarnish.so.0...done.
 Loaded symbols for /usr/local/lib/libvarnish.so.0
 Reading symbols from /usr/local/lib/libvarnishcompat.so.0...done.
 Loaded symbols for /usr/local/lib/libvarnishcompat.so.0
 Reading symbols from /usr/local/lib/libvcl.so.0...done.
 Loaded symbols for /usr/local/lib/libvcl.so.0
 Reading symbols from /usr/lib/libthr.so.2...done.
 Loaded symbols for /usr/lib/libthr.so.2
 Reading symbols from /lib/libm.so.4...done.
 Loaded symbols for /lib/libm.so.4
 Reading symbols from /lib/libc.so.6...done.
 Loaded symbols for /lib/libc.so.6
 Reading symbols from ./bin.fTLfMGTM...done.
 Loaded symbols for ./bin.fTLfMGTM
 Reading symbols from /libexec/ld-elf.so.1...done.
 Loaded symbols for /libexec/ld-elf.so.1
 #0  0x0000000800c080dc in thr_kill () from /lib/libc.so.6
 [New Thread 0x9fa7200 (LWP 100348)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa7000 (LWP 100347)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3e00 (LWP 100346)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3c00 (LWP 100343)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3800 (LWP 100341)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3a00 (LWP 100340)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3600 (LWP 100339)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3400 (LWP 100338)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3200 (LWP 100336)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa3000 (LWP 100335)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2e00 (LWP 100334)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2c00 (LWP 100333)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2a00 (LWP 100332)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2800 (LWP 100331)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2600 (LWP 100330)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2400 (LWP 100329)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2200 (LWP 100328)]
 [New Thread 0x9fa2000 (LWP 100326)]
 [New Thread 0x508de00 (LWP 100325)]
 [New Thread 0x508dc00 (LWP 100322)]
 [New Thread 0x508da00 (LWP 100321)]
 [New Thread 0x508d800 (LWP 100320)]
 [New Thread 0x508d600 (LWP 100319)]
 [New Thread 0x508d400 (LWP 100317)]
 [New Thread 0x31efe00 (LWP 100314)]
 [New Thread 0x31efa00 (LWP 100313)]
 [New Thread 0x31eac00 (LWP 100311)]
 [New Thread 0x31e4400 (LWP 100310)]
 [New Thread 0xbbd000 (LWP 100308)]
 [New Thread 0x31ea000 (LWP 100307)]
 [New Thread 0x31ece00 (LWP 100244)]
 [New Thread 0x31ec400 (LWP 100243)]
 [New Thread 0x31ec200 (LWP 100177)]
 [New Thread 0x31ea400 (LWP 100312)]
 [New Thread 0x31ec800 (LWP 100309)]
 [New Thread 0x31ec000 (LWP 100306)]
 [New Thread 0x2ac6c00 (LWP 100305)]
 [New Thread 0x2ac6600 (LWP 100304)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6600 (LWP 100303)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7c00 (LWP 100302)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7a00 (LWP 100301)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7400 (LWP 100300)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7000 (LWP 100299)]
 [New Thread 0xef6000 (LWP 100298)]
 [New Thread 0x31e0200 (LWP 100297)]
 [New Thread 0x1dc3e00 (LWP 100296)]
 [New Thread 0x31fa000 (LWP 100295)]
 [New Thread 0xef6e00 (LWP 100293)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6000 (LWP 100292)]
 [New Thread 0xb4d000 (LWP 100291)]
 [New Thread 0xe68c00 (LWP 100290)]
 [New Thread 0x31ef400 (LWP 100288)]
 [New Thread 0xf3a200 (LWP 100287)]
 [New Thread 0x31f3c00 (LWP 100281)]
 [New Thread 0x31dcc00 (LWP 100275)]
 [New Thread 0x26bb000 (LWP 100273)]
 [New Thread 0x31ea200 (LWP 100268)]
 [New Thread 0x31f3200 (LWP 100266)]
 [New Thread 0xe68600 (LWP 100264)]
 [New Thread 0x31e0a00 (LWP 100263)]
 [New Thread 0xafd400 (LWP 100260)]
 [New Thread 0x31e1000 (LWP 100246)]
 [New Thread 0xafda00 (LWP 100242)]
 [New Thread 0x31f8800 (LWP 100239)]
 [New Thread 0xef6400 (LWP 100234)]
 [New Thread 0x31e0c00 (LWP 100231)]
 [New Thread 0xe33000 (LWP 100230)]
 [New Thread 0xf3aa00 (LWP 100229)]
 [New Thread 0x31e4800 (LWP 100227)]
 [New Thread 0xbbd400 (LWP 100226)]
 [New Thread 0x31dc000 (LWP 100225)]
 [New Thread 0x31e4000 (LWP 100223)]
 [New Thread 0x2a7b200 (LWP 100220)]
 [New Thread 0xbbdc00 (LWP 100214)]
 [New Thread 0x31eaa00 (LWP 100211)]
 [New Thread 0x31e1e00 (LWP 100210)]
 [New Thread 0x31e1800 (LWP 100209)]
 [New Thread 0x31f6000 (LWP 100207)]
 [New Thread 0x31ec600 (LWP 100205)]
 [New Thread 0x1dc3200 (LWP 100202)]
 [New Thread 0x31eca00 (LWP 100195)]
 [New Thread 0x31e3600 (LWP 100194)]
 [New Thread 0x31e2000 (LWP 100193)]
 [New Thread 0xf83e00 (LWP 100192)]
 [New Thread 0xe68800 (LWP 100191)]
 [New Thread 0xf83000 (LWP 100190)]
 [New Thread 0x31f6200 (LWP 100186)]
 [New Thread 0xddc800 (LWP 100179)]
 [New Thread 0x31f8000 (LWP 100178)]
 [New Thread 0xf83800 (LWP 100176)]
 [New Thread 0x31f8200 (LWP 100172)]
 [New Thread 0xd59400 (LWP 100168)]
 [New Thread 0x31efc00 (LWP 100167)]
 [New Thread 0xe68200 (LWP 100166)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7200 (LWP 100162)]
 [New Thread 0x1dc3800 (LWP 100160)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7e00 (LWP 100154)]
 [New Thread 0xafde00 (LWP 100153)]
 [New Thread 0xd59c00 (LWP 100151)]
 [New Thread 0xd59e00 (LWP 100150)]
 [New Thread 0x31dce00 (LWP 100147)]
 [New Thread 0x31dca00 (LWP 100286)]
 [New Thread 0x2a7be00 (LWP 100285)]
 [New Thread 0x2a7bc00 (LWP 100284)]
 [New Thread 0x2a7ba00 (LWP 100282)]
 [New Thread 0xda7800 (LWP 100280)]
 [New Thread 0x1a53400 (LWP 100279)]
 [New Thread 0xda7400 (LWP 100278)]
 [New Thread 0x26bbe00 (LWP 100274)]
 [New Thread 0x31f3400 (LWP 100272)]
 [New Thread 0x26bbc00 (LWP 100271)]
 [New Thread 0x1346c00 (LWP 100270)]
 [New Thread 0x2ac6e00 (LWP 100269)]
 [New Thread 0x26bba00 (LWP 100267)]
 [New Thread 0x1a53000 (LWP 100265)]
 [New Thread 0x2a7b000 (LWP 100262)]
 [New Thread 0x31f6e00 (LWP 100259)]
 [New Thread 0xafdc00 (LWP 100258)]
 [New Thread 0xe33600 (LWP 100257)]
 [New Thread 0x2a7b400 (LWP 100256)]
 [New Thread 0xddc600 (LWP 100255)]
 [New Thread 0xef6200 (LWP 100254)]
 [New Thread 0x31e0800 (LWP 100253)]
 [New Thread 0x26bb400 (LWP 100251)]
 [New Thread 0xf83c00 (LWP 100250)]
 [New Thread 0xbbde00 (LWP 100249)]
 [New Thread 0x1a53c00 (LWP 100248)]
 [New Thread 0x1dc3c00 (LWP 100245)]
 [New Thread 0x31dc400 (LWP 100240)]
 [New Thread 0x31e1600 (LWP 100238)]
 [New Thread 0xb4d600 (LWP 100236)]
 [New Thread 0x1346e00 (LWP 100233)]
 [New Thread 0x31e2e00 (LWP 100224)]
 [New Thread 0xda7600 (LWP 100222)]
 [New Thread 0x31dc600 (LWP 100221)]
 [New Thread 0x1346200 (LWP 100218)]
 [New Thread 0xddca00 (LWP 100217)]
 [New Thread 0x31de600 (LWP 100213)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6200 (LWP 100212)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6a00 (LWP 100208)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6400 (LWP 100204)]
 [New Thread 0xe33e00 (LWP 100203)]
 [New Thread 0xef6800 (LWP 100201)]
 [New Thread 0x1a53e00 (LWP 100200)]
 [New Thread 0xddce00 (LWP 100199)]
 [New Thread 0xb4de00 (LWP 100198)]
 [New Thread 0xafd800 (LWP 100197)]
 [New Thread 0x2ac6400 (LWP 100196)]
 [New Thread 0xafd600 (LWP 100189)]
 [New Thread 0x31de200 (LWP 100182)]
 [New Thread 0x31e2c00 (LWP 100181)]
 [New Thread 0x31dee00 (LWP 100180)]
 [New Thread 0xe33c00 (LWP 100173)]
 [New Thread 0x2a7b800 (LWP 100171)]
 [New Thread 0xe68400 (LWP 100169)]
 [New Thread 0x31f6800 (LWP 100165)]
 [New Thread 0xe33a00 (LWP 100164)]
 [New Thread 0xbbd200 (LWP 100163)]
 [New Thread 0x31e0400 (LWP 100161)]
 [New Thread 0xddcc00 (LWP 100157)]
 [New Thread 0xddc000 (LWP 100156)]
 [New Thread 0x31fa200 (LWP 100152)]
 [New Thread 0x31f8e00 (LWP 100149)]
 [New Thread 0x31f8c00 (LWP 100148)]
 [New Thread 0x31f6c00 (LWP 100392)]
 [New Thread 0x31f6400 (LWP 100387)]
 [New Thread 0x31f3a00 (LWP 100383)]
 [New Thread 0x31f3600 (LWP 100381)]
 [New Thread 0x31ecc00 (LWP 100368)]
 [New Thread 0x31ea800 (LWP 100358)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7800 (LWP 100350)]
 [New Thread 0x31e7600 (LWP 100349)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6e00 (LWP 100345)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6c00 (LWP 100344)]
 [New Thread 0x31e6800 (LWP 100342)]
 [New Thread 0x31e4e00 (LWP 100337)]
 [New Thread 0x31e3a00 (LWP 100327)]
 [New Thread 0x31e3400 (LWP 100324)]
 [New Thread 0x31e3200 (LWP 100323)]
 [New Thread 0x31e2800 (LWP 100318)]
 [New Thread 0x31e2400 (LWP 100316)]
 [New Thread 0x31e2200 (LWP 100315)]
 [New Thread 0x31de800 (LWP 100294)]
 [New Thread 0x31dc800 (LWP 100289)]
 [New Thread 0x31dc200 (LWP 100283)]
 [New Thread 0x2ac6200 (LWP 100277)]
 [New Thread 0x2ac6000 (LWP 100276)]
 [New Thread 0x26bb200 (LWP 100261)]
 [New Thread 0x1dc3000 (LWP 100252)]
 [New Thread 0x1a53600 (LWP 100247)]
 [New Thread 0x1346a00 (LWP 100241)]
 [New Thread 0x1346000 (LWP 100235)]
 [New Thread 0xf83400 (LWP 100228)]
 [New Thread 0xf3a400 (LWP 100219)]
 [New Thread 0xef6c00 (LWP 100216)]
 [New Thread 0xef6a00 (LWP 100215)]
 [New Thread 0xe68a00 (LWP 100206)]
 [New Thread 0xddc400 (LWP 100188)]
 [New Thread 0xddc200 (LWP 100187)]
 [New Thread 0xda7e00 (LWP 100185)]
 [New Thread 0xda7c00 (LWP 100184)]
 [New Thread 0xda7a00 (LWP 100183)]
 [New Thread 0xd59a00 (LWP 100175)]
 [New Thread 0xd59800 (LWP 100174)]
 [New Thread 0xd59000 (LWP 100170)]
 [New Thread 0xb4da00 (LWP 100159)]
 [New Thread 0xb4d800 (LWP 100158)]
 [New Thread 0xb4d200 (LWP 100155)]
 [New Thread 0xafd000 (LWP 100146)]
 [New Thread 0x540e00 (LWP 100145)]
 [New Thread 0x540a00 (LWP 100144)]
 [New Thread 0x540800 (LWP 100107)]
 [New Thread 0x540600 (LWP 100065)]
 [New Thread 0x540000 (LWP 100110)]
 (gdb) bt
 #0  0x0000000800c080dc in thr_kill () from /lib/libc.so.6
 #1  0x000000080098d01c in raise () from /usr/lib/libthr.so.2
 #2  0x0000000800c8716d in abort () from /lib/libc.so.6
 #3  0x000000080066ab99 in lbv_assert (func=0x431288 "SES_Delete",
 file=0x431002 "cache_session.c",
     line=338, cond=0x4312ba "(sp->obj) == 0", err=2) at assert.c:58
 #4  0x000000000041a3f2 in SES_Delete (sp=0x15a3008) at cache_session.c:338
 #5  0x0000000000408432 in vca_kev (kp=0x7fffff5fb330) at
 #6  0x00000000004086ed in vca_kqueue_main (arg=0x0) at
 #7  0x000000080098f55b in pthread_create () from /usr/lib/libthr.so.2
 #8  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
 Cannot access memory at address 0x7fffff5fc000

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