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#294: Missing variables
 Reporter:  ay      |       Owner:  des  
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 I was hoping to do two things

 (from man-page)

      The following variables are always available:

      now   The current time, in seconds since the epoch.

      The following variables are available in backend declarations:

            Host name or IP address of a backend.

 I was hoping to do two things:

 1) Set ip of backend in headers
         remove obj.http.X-VG-Varnish-IP;
         set    obj.http.X-VG-Varnish-IP = server.ip;
         remove obj.http.X-VG-Backend-IP;
         set    obj.http.X-VG-Vackend-IP = backend.host;

 And in vcl_error

     <h3>Error "} obj.status " " obj.response {"</h3>
         <li>Time: "} now {" <li>
         <li>URL: "} req.request " " req.url {"</li>
         <li>Client: "} client.ip {"</li>
         <li>Cache: "} server.ip {"</li>
         <li>Backend: " } backend.host {"<li>

 But I get

 Expected ';' got 'now'
 (program line 502), at
 (/etc/varnish/vg.vcl Line 168 Pos 22)
         <li>Time: "} now {" <li>


 Unknown variable 'backend.host'
 At: (/etc/varnish/vg.vcl Line 171 Pos 25)
         <li>Backned: "} backend.host {"</li>

 Changing backend.host to req.backend mentioned a few other places gives

 [root at maddie ~]# varnishd -f /etc/varnish/vg.vcl
 String representation of 'req.backend' not implemented yet.
 (/etc/varnish/vg.vcl Line 171 Pos 25)
         <li>Backned: "} req.backend {"</li>

 Any chance of getting a string version of req.backend? And maybe updating
 the man page?

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