[Varnish] #410: Varnish uses up all system RAM on OpenVZ VPS

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Wed Dec 17 08:32:14 CET 2008

#410: Varnish uses up all system RAM on OpenVZ VPS
 Reporter:  eugaia  |        Type:  defect 
   Status:  new     |    Priority:  normal 
Milestone:          |   Component:  build  
  Version:  2.0     |    Severity:  blocker
 Keywords:          |  

 I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the OpenVZ (VPS) platform, but
 I cannot get Varnish to run on it.

 I compile using standard options (I just used a --prefix), and Varnish
 compiles 'OK', but when I try to start Varnish, using the following daemon

 -a -n simpl -f /simpl/conf/run/varnish/simpl.vcl -u varnish -w
 50,1000,10 -s file,/tmp/varnish,100M -T

 I get the following error:

 Starting HTTPd accelerator: storage_file: filename: /tmp/varnish size 100
 Using old SHMFILE
 Notice: locking SHMFILE in core failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

 Note, I originally had the SHM file to be 50%, and then tried lower
 amounts.  100MB is well below the maximum amount of RAM I have available
 on my VPS (around 880MB), however, when Varnish is started, it uses up all
 (or almost all) the RAM.

 I have Varnish running perfectly happily on my laptop, however.

 My OpenVZ VPS runs Fedora8, and it uses i686 chips.
 Varnish version 2.0.2.

 If it would be helpful, I'm quite happy for you to log in to my server to
 do any testing - contact me privately through the email address I have
 registered should you wish to do so.

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