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#188: thread pileup
 Reporter:  steinove  |        Owner:  phk     
     Type:  defect    |       Status:  assigned
 Priority:  high      |    Milestone:          
Component:  varnishd  |      Version:  1.1.1   
 Severity:  normal    |   Resolution:          
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Comment (by nanor):

 Hi, [[BR]]

 I think we encounter the same problem.[[BR]]

 After reaching hi Client connections rate (about 5000-6000/second),
 we have a very low "Client requests received (abour 50/70/s)"; hight
 "overflowed work requests" rate and hight "worker threads not created" and
 "worker threads limited".
 The load average grow very very fast to 800/900 of load average and
 service became unavailable. (less with a kern.maxusers=1024).

 And yes, we have some requests that need some time on the backends to be

 System : FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 GENERIC  amd64[[BR]]
 Varnish : varnish-1.1.2[[BR]]

 Hard : 4 GM RAM/Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           L5310  @ 1.60GHz x 4[[BR]]

 Does varnish will be able to handle this ?


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