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#205: Better Vary handling
 Reporter:  des          |       Owner:  phk  
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new  
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Component:  varnishd     |     Version:  trunk
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 From conversations on IRC, I am under the impression that there are
 backends that support content negotiation but do not emit a {{{Vary}}}
 header unless the request contains {{{Accept}}} headers.

 It may be appropriate to send no-op {{{Accept}}} headers to trick the
 backend into sending us the {{{Vary}}} header.  The following should be
 sufficient for most cases:

 Accept: */*
 Accept-Language: *
 Accept-Charset: *
 Accept-Encoding: identity

 Note that {{{Accept-Encoding}}} can ''not'' be set to {{{*}}}, as the
 backend might then send back a compressed response which the client would
 be unable to process.

 This can of course be implemented in VCL.

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