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#204: Handling of HTTP headers
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Comment (by phk):

 If for "should be removed" I read "should be possible to remove" I agree.
 If we removed them in general and by default, we could have saved
 ourselves the trouble of the Vary handling code.

 One particular thing we should document here, is that if User-Agent is
 Vary'ed on, it is very beneficial to normalize that header in Varnish.  By
 sending no more than the necessary number of variants are sent to the
 backend one avoids getting a myriad of objects with vary identification
 strings that vary in subtle but unimportant ways.

 The only thing here that I see as a non documentation issue, is that VCL
 could use a facility for saying "remove all headers but these", because at
 present there is no way to get a list of which headers are in fact
 present, apart from direct guesses as to their names.

 We talked about a general "HTTP washing" feature at some point, this
 sounds like that.

 Apart from that, I think this is all documentation issues.


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