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#203: X-Forwarded-For handling
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Comment (by des):

 You are right - there is no formal definition, it is a de-facto standard
 introduced by Squid and later adopted by Apache's {{{mod_proxy}}}.  Many
 web applications have come to depend on it (e.g. ignore a session cookie
 sent by a different client IP than it was originally issued to)

 We currently add an extra header - I'm not sure the backend will interpret
 that correctly.  It may vary from backend to backend.

 re post mode vs pipe mode, yes; but it is possible that the backend will
 be confused (or produce the wrong results) if subsequent requests don't
 include {{{X-Forwarded-For}}}.  That is not our problem, though; it's for
 the admin to decide, and if necessary add {{{Connection: close}}}.

 Anyway, I am not advocating adding any of this logic to the C code.  On
 the contrary, I think {{{X-Forwarded-For}}} handling should be moved from
 C to VCL, so the admin has full control over it, and we can wash our hands
 of it.

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