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Wed Feb 20 15:33:41 CET 2008

#209: Blocking IP addresses
 Reporter:  PK07030           |        Owner:  phk        
     Type:  task              |       Status:  reopened   
 Priority:  normal            |    Milestone:  Varnish 1.2
Component:  varnishd          |      Version:  trunk      
 Severity:  normal            |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:  Block IP address  |  
Comment (by phk):

 This is the correct way to do it.

 And we can't help you much more than that, because you give us not details
 to work with.

 If you want further help, please describe at least the following:

 Which OS, kernel and varnish version do you use.

 Please include complete VCL code.

 Please document what happens when one of the to-be-blocked IP# contacts
 your server, also, and this may be crucial: what you expect to happen.

 If you totally want to avoid contact with those IP#, it may be a better
 strategy to simply block them in your operating systems firewall facility.

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