[Varnish] #274: Is it possible to deliver custom error page ?

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#274: Is it possible to deliver custom error page  ?
 Reporter:  franck.leprette  |       Owner:  des  
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 My name is Franck LEPRETTE ,  I'm currently working with varnish  with
 ezpublish and i have a problem.

 The version is  :
 # varnishd  -V
 varnishd (varnish-1.1.2)
 Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Linpro AS / Verdens Gang AS
 THe operating system is Debian Etch and our web servers are Apache2.

 We override the error page with our cms ezpublish , and now when someone
 tries to get an inexistant URL, he is redirected to the home page with a
 warning text (but we still send the 404 error code).
 The problem is that varnish doesn't deliver this page, and we still get a
 404 error code with no custom page.
 Do you know how to configure varnish in order to get it work ?

 I tried this code but it doesn't seem to work :
 sub vcl_fetch
 { if (obj.status == 404) {pass;} }

 I also tried to find some documentation about this problem, but i didn't
 found any. Do you know if it's possible to perform this operation and how

 Thanks in advance.
 Kind regards

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