many connecting,the varnish doesn't work more...

蒋新华 jxh_ty at
Sat Nov 1 08:46:39 CET 2008

  I use "Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool" to test the varnish 2.0.1.When I set the stress level(threads)=800,the varnish doesn't work more.Even I stop the test,it will not work too,until I restart the varnish.Why varnish doesn't work in a mult-threads EVN? While I use  Nginx as the proxy ,I set the stress level(threads)=3000or more,It works very well. 
  Please tell me what to do.
/usr/local/sbin/varnishd -a -s malloc,3.5G -f /root/default2.vcl -p thread_pool_max=10000 -p thread_pools=16 -h classic,10000   -p client_http11=on -p auto_restart=on -p backend_http11=on -w 16,10000,60 -p default_ttl=360 -p ping_interval=3  -p listen_depth=10000 -p obj_workspace=10960 -p user=varnish -p group=varnish
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