[Varnish] #375: Secure communication between Client Browser and Varnish.

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Thu Nov 13 13:36:45 CET 2008

#375: Secure communication between Client Browser and Varnish.
 Reporter:  tuhintt  |        Type:  enhancement
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Milestone:  Later    |   Component:  build      
  Version:  trunk    |    Severity:  normal     
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 We know Browser client like ie, firefox or any other browser client and
 proxy server communication is plain text format or there is no encryption
 between them.

 Between client browser and proxy server (reverse or caching or web proxy)
 communication can be sniff by anyone and get the data passing between
 like Squid proxy.

 Is there any feature in Varnish to communicate with browser client in a
 secure way. Say, when a browser client first time communicate with
 Varnish, they will create a random key to to encrypt the data
 communication and secure the data between them.
 there may not necessary to have server/client certificate.

 we know lots of people like me looking for a secure proxy server solution
 like me.

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