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#419: param esi syntax not documented
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Comment (by phk):

 All parameters have semi-comprehensive help if you type "param.show
 $name", in this case:

 param.show esi_syntax
 200 429
 esi_syntax                 0 [bitmap]
                            Default is 0
                            Bitmap controlling ESI parsing code:
                              0x00000001 - Don't check if it looks like XML
                              0x00000002 - Ignore non-esi elements
                              0x00000004 - Emit parsing debug records
                            Use 0x notation and do the bitor in your head

 I am not sure to what extent we should replicate this in documentation, if
 we want to do that, we should certainly co-locate the explanations, so
 they do not get out of sync.

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