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#518: Default backend health right after launch
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Comment (by whocares):

 > Currently, the user experience is 503 errors instead of an abrupt
 connection refused.
 > I'm not fully convinced that's necessarily bad, or at least any worse
 than the alternatives.

 Actually in my case sending out 503s *is* worse than sending "Connection
 refused". That's simply because most of our users accept "Connection
 Refused" as the server being down for some reason or other whereas 503s
 are (for reasons unknown to me) associated with a faulty application. For
 the latter in turn our internal development department is blamed by
 management and that's the *real* problem.

 So basically I'm infavour of the "default healthy" state but as I already
 wrote in the other thread: For me it'd be enough to add an command line
 switch to varnish that activates the "default healthy" behaviour.


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