[Varnish] #521: Sig 11 crash in trunk 4102

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Mon Jun 22 13:29:25 CEST 2009

#521: Sig 11 crash in trunk 4102
 Reporter:  anders    |       Owner:  phk  
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  low       |   Milestone:       
Component:  varnishd  |     Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal    |    Keywords:       
 I'm running Varnish trunk 4102 in FreeBSD/amd64 7.2-RELEASE, and got a
 sig11 crash:pid 97116

 (varnishd), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)


 (gdb) bt
 #0  0x0000000800896dff in getframeaddr (level=Variable "level" is not
 ) at execinfo.c:323
 #1  0x000000080089d29f in backtrace (buffer=Variable "buffer" is not
 ) at execinfo.c:64
 #2  0x000000000041ff45 in pan_backtrace () at cache_panic.c:272
 #3  0x00000000004202f7 in pan_ic (func=Variable "func" is not available.
 ) at cache_panic.c:326
 #4  0x000000000042ab08 in WS_Release (ws=0x7fff964b4788, bytes=13)
     at cache_ws.c:174
 #5  0x000000000042576c in vrt_assemble_string (hp=0x7fff964b4c60,
     h=0x1adfe036e2 "X-Cache:", p=Variable "p" is not available.
 ) at cache_vrt.c:178
 #6  0x0000000000429ddb in VRT_SetHdr (sp=0x1ad0061008, where=Variable
 "where" is not available.
     at cache_vrt.c:199
 #7  0x0000001adfe02e31 in ?? () from ./vcl.FANefPfn.so
 #8  0x0000000000424cbb in VCL_deliver_method (sp=0x1ad0061008)
     at vcl_returns.h:59
 #9  0x0000000000411cf4 in cnt_deliver (sp=0x1ad0061008) at
 #10 0x00000000004129b3 in CNT_Session (sp=0x1ad0061008) at steps.h:42
 #11 0x0000000000422171 in wrk_do_cnt_sess (w=0x7fff964b42c0, priv=Variable
 "priv" is not available.
     at cache_pool.c:456
 #12 0x0000000000421467 in wrk_thread_real (qp=0x801010880,
 shm_workspace=Variable "shm_workspace" is not available.
     at cache_pool.c:351
 #13 0x0000000800abe4d1 in pthread_getprio () from /lib/libthr.so.3
 #14 0x00007fff962b5000 in ?? ()
 Cannot access memory at address 0x7fff964b5000

 The problem here could be that my obj_workspace is a little low, as I am
 adding headers like X-Cache in vcl_deliver and a coupld of others in
 vcl_fetch.  I'll remove one and see if it helps.

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