[Varnish] #460: error in documentation on rewrite of url's

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Mon Mar 2 12:48:13 CET 2009

#460: error in documentation on rewrite of url's
 Reporter:  rejozenger           |        Type:  documentation
   Status:  new                  |    Priority:  low          
Milestone:  Varnish 2.1 release  |   Component:  documentation
  Version:  trunk                |    Severity:  trivial      
 Keywords:  documentation error  |  
 At [wiki:RedirectsAndRewrites] an example is given with two "set"
 statements. The variables in these two statements are invalid and should
 be respectively req.http.host (instead of req.host) and req.http.url
 (instead of req.url). Allthough I am logged in, I seem not to have enough
 credentials to update the documentation.

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