[Varnish] #576: Feature request: make check; better timing or more stable tests

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#576: Feature request: make check; better timing or more stable tests
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 When building rpm packages for epel, I have to run the package through Red
 Hat's build farm. They are running in chroots on virtualized environments,
 (xen instances for i386 and x86_64). When these builders has a bit of
 load, the "make check" stage fails randomly, probably because of timing
 issues. I had to rerun the epel4 build five times before it suddenly went
 through without errors.

 Here are a couple of examples:


 Yes, I *know* that make check is still not counted as "production ready"
 by phk, and may be omitted. But on the other hand, running through a set
 of known regression and other bugs on several sets of operating system
 versions and platforms (including ppc, sparc and s390x) can't be a bad

 For testing, give me a note. I can request scratch builds at any time.


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