[Varnish] #685: Logging non-HTTP connections as null

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Fri Apr 23 18:20:25 CEST 2010

#685: Logging non-HTTP connections as null
 Reporter:  joshdevins  |        Type:  defect     
   Status:  new         |    Priority:  normal     
Milestone:              |   Component:  varnishncsa
  Version:  trunk       |    Severity:  major      
 Keywords:              |  
 We have a load balancer setup in front of Varnish and it is simply doing a
 TCP health check against it. The resulting log lines when running
 varnishncsa are just a bunch of nulls:

 - - - [23/Apr/2010:18:13:20 +0200] "(null) (null) (null)" (null) - "-" "-"

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