[Varnish] #745: Varnishstat

Renato Farias renato at luren.com.br
Thu Aug 5 19:18:16 CEST 2010

Hi Yves,

I don't think so.

Cause the "Total body bytes" numbers stay ok.

I've read in some forums and I've encountered some users with the same problem.

Have any config that I can send for more better investigation?


Renato Farias

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>#745: Varnishstat
> Reporter:  piripirigoso  |       Owner:  phk                
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> Priority:  high          |   Milestone:  Varnish 2.1 release
>Component:  varnishstat   |     Version:  2.1.2              
> Severity:  critical      |    Keywords:  varnishstats       
>Comment(by yves):
> Hi,
> It appears that the Varnish worker process is being restarted thus
> resetting the varnishstat back to zero. In order to locate the cause of
> this, I would kindly ask that you attach any entries in the syslog
> containing panic messages relating to crahses/kills. This will help
> greatly.
> regards,
> Yves
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