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#736: Migration to Cygwin plataform
  Reporter:  jdzst    |        Type:  enhancement    
    Status:  closed   |    Priority:  normal         
 Milestone:           |   Component:  build          
   Version:           |    Severity:  normal         
Resolution:  invalid  |    Keywords:  cygwin, windows

Comment(by jdzst):

 Cygwin IPv6 might work in Windows Vista (but I don't have any)


 IPv6 support. New APIs getaddrinfo, getnameinfo, freeaddrinfo,
 gai_strerror, in6addr_any, in6addr_loopback. On IPv6-less systems,
 replacement functions are available for IPv4.
 On systems with IPv6 enabled, the underlying WinSock functions are used.
 While I tried hard to get the functionality as POSIXy as possible, keep in
 mind that a *fully* conformant implementation of getaddrinfo and other
 stuff is only available starting with Windows Vista/2008.

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