[Varnish] #736: Migration to Cygwin plataform

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#736: Migration to Cygwin plataform
  Reporter:  jdzst    |        Type:  enhancement    
    Status:  closed   |    Priority:  normal         
 Milestone:           |   Component:  build          
   Version:           |    Severity:  normal         
Resolution:  invalid  |    Keywords:  cygwin, windows

Comment(by jdzst):

 After this changes, the result of regression test are: 9 tests failed, 202
 tests passed Failed tests:

 '''c00005.vtc "Test simple ACL"'''
 error IPv6 [DNS lookup(::): hostname nor servname provided, or not
 known\n] CYGWIN does not support IPv6 in Windows XP. Maybe it works in
 newer versions

 '''s00002.vtc "Check grace with sick backends"'''
 "Write failed: Bad file descriptor" UNKNOWN ERROR

 '''b00015.vtc "Check synthetic error page caching" and v00009.vtc "Test
 round robin director"'''
 bind(): Address already in use [Assert error in server_start(),
 vtc_server.c line 183: Condition(s->sock >= 0) not true.] UNKNOWN ERROR:
 test server is started two times, the second time it says that port it is
 in use

 '''VMOD regresion tests: m00000.vtc, m00001.vtc, m00002.vtc, m00003.vtc
 and m00004.vtc'''
 CYGWIN does not find new VMOD shared libraries A fix is need in order to
 load shared libraries of VMOD

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