[Varnish] #651: Can't run varnishd on OpenSolaris

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#651: Can't run varnishd on OpenSolaris
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     Type:  defect  |       Status:  new  
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Component:  build   |      Version:  trunk
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Comment (by asyd):

 in r4582, I tried with:

  VCC_CC="cc -Kpic-G -m64 -o %o %s" CC=cc CFLAGS="-xO3 -fast -xipo
 -L/opt/webcache/varnish-trunk-cc-64/lib -mt -m64" LDFLAGS="-lumem -mt"
 ./configure --prefix=/opt/webcache/varnish-trunk-cc-64

 however, varnishd failed to start:

 % sudo truss -f -o /tmp/pwet   /opt/webcache/varnish/sbin/varnishd -a :80
 -T localhost:6081 -f /opt/webcache/etc/varnish/webapps.vlc -s
 file,/opt/webcache/data/cache,10G -p cc_command="/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc
 -Kpic -G -m64 -L/opt/webcache/varnish/var/varnish/australis -o %o %s"
 storage_file: filename: /opt/webcache/data/cache size 10240 MB.
 Message from C-compiler:
 "./vcl.ORk8t3RP.c", line 355: warning: initializer will be sign-extended:
 Creating new SHMFILE

 In logs:

 Feb 22 14:03:50 australis varnishd[4333]: [ID 763057 local0.error] Pushing
 vcls failed: dlopen(./vcl.ORk8t3RP.so): ld.so.1: varnishd: fatal:
 ./vcl.ORk8t3RP.so: open failed: No such file or directory.

 Same using cc_command="/opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc -Kpic -G -m64
 -L/opt/webcache/varnish/lib -o %o %s"

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