[Varnish] #524: esi + keepalive + HTTP/1.0 hangs untill sess_timeout

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Sat Jan 23 22:59:48 CET 2010

#524: esi + keepalive + HTTP/1.0 hangs untill sess_timeout
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     Type:  defect    |       Status:  new  
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Component:  build     |      Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal    |   Resolution:       
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Comment (by lomic):

 I think esi includes are a great feature of varnish.[[BR]]
 Actual i use varnish version '''2.06'''.[[BR]]
 So why has this bug only the priority normal?[[BR]]
 Many proxies still uses the HTTP/1.0 protocol.[[BR]]
 For now i can not use esi includes for my website and [[BR]]
 i have to simulate the includes in the backend application.[[BR]]
 I hope this bug will get a higher priority and will be fixed within the
 next varnish version.

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