[Varnish] #671: Solaris least privilege support breaks core dumps (SNOCD set)

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#671: Solaris least privilege support breaks core dumps (SNOCD set)
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 The particular order of privilege set commands introduced with #628 leads
 to the SNOCD flag being set in this piece of solaris code:


          * When we give up privileges not in the inheritable set,
          * set SNOCD if not already set; first we compute the
          * privileges removed from P using Diff = (~P') & P
          * and then we check whether the removed privileges are
          * a subset of I.  If we retain uid 0, all privileges
          * are required anyway so don't set SNOCD.
         if (type == PRIV_PERMITTED && (p->p_flag & SNOCD) == 0 &&
             cr->cr_uid != 0 && cr->cr_ruid != 0 && cr->cr_suid != 0) {
                 priv_set_t diff = CR_OPPRIV(cr);
                 priv_intersect(&CR_OPPRIV(pcr), &diff);
                 donocd = !priv_issubset(&diff, &CR_IPRIV(cr));

 The net effect is that, with least privilege support, varnish worker
 children do not dump cores any more.

 We must change the order in which privileges are waived to avoid this

 The attached patch is incremental to the fix in #670

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