[Varnish] #787: Varnish incorrectly treats "Vary: *" as if "*" is just a normal header

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#787: Varnish incorrectly treats "Vary: *" as if "*" is just a normal header
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 RFC2616 14.44 states: "A Vary field value of "*" implies that a cache
 cannot determine from the request headers of a subsequent request whether
 this response is the appropriate representation." and "A Vary field value
 of "*" signals that unspecified parameters not limited to the request-
 headers (e.g., the network address of the client), play a role in the
 selection of the response representation."

 However, varnish caches pages sent with "Vary: *" and e.g. "Cache-Control:
 max-age=600". Looking at cache_vary.c it doesn't appear to have any
 special handling for "*" at all, so must be treating it as a normal
 header, and indeed if you send a "*: Foo" header within the request,
 varnish will use the content of that header to determine whether to serve
 cached content or not.

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