[Varnish] #971: Broken DNS director

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Thu Aug 4 16:31:26 CEST 2011

#971: Broken DNS director
 Reporter:  rdvn   |        Type:  defect  
   Status:  new    |    Priority:  normal  
Milestone:         |   Component:  build   
  Version:  3.0.0  |    Severity:  critical
 Keywords:         |  

Comment(by kristian):

 Ok, got it...

 While you wait for a proper fix, inverting the order of your director and
 backend definition should avoid triggering this. Now that I can reproduce,
 it shouldn't be hard to fix.

 For the connect_timeout, you're just missing a unit. Try 0.4s instead of
 0.4. That error message isn't all too intuitive, I'm afraid, and I noticed
 you got an other level of error messages that you shouldn't have gotten
 (the one about 192.168...), but that's a different issue, and mostly

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