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#611: Websockets support
 Reporter:  wesnoth      |        Owner:  phk    
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Comment(by jdespatis):

 Just a notice,

 I've coded in fact a websocket server that can handle websocket clients
 (only chrome for now), long polling clients (nearly all the other
 browsers), and telnet clients

 I've tested the connection to my server through varnish (version 3, I've
 not tested with varnish v2), with several settings, each has successfully
 worked! (websocket clients, long polling clients)

 My settings in the vcl was as simple as that (copy from [https://www


 backend djserver {
     .host = "";
     .port = "12345";

 sub vcl_recv {
     if (req.url ~ "^/djserver$") {
         set req.backend = djserver;
         return (pipe);
     } else {
         set req.backend = default;

 So wesnoth, if your websocket server doesn't work through varnish, you
 should investigate on your websocket server because it's buggy... or
 problem of configuration of it (but varnish is out of the scope)

 For varnish team: you should claim that varnish has no problem with
 websockets, long polling clients, and update [https://www.varnish-

 Hope this helps...

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