[Varnish] #1000: server.ip can`t beused as a string?

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Wed Aug 31 13:06:33 CEST 2011

#1000: server.ip can`t beused as a string?
 Reporter:  xrow   |        Type:  defect  
   Status:  new    |    Priority:  normal  
Milestone:         |   Component:  varnishd
  Version:  3.0.0  |    Severity:  normal  
 Keywords:         |  
 wienadmin at slvieprodweb01:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/varnish restart
 Stopping HTTP accelerator: varnishd.
 Starting HTTP accelerator: varnishd failed!
 SMA.s0: max size 3072 MB.
 Message from VCC-compiler:
 Operator + not possible on type IP.
 ('input' Line 227 Pos 43)
         set resp.http.X-Cache = server.ip + ":HIT:" + obj.hits;

 Running VCC-compiler failed, exit 1

 VCL compilation failed

 something like that was posible with 2.x

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