[Varnish] #1069: `varnishd -C` does not return an appropriate return code

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Thu Dec 8 17:40:41 CET 2011

#1069: `varnishd -C` does not return an appropriate return code
 Reporter:  erikwebb  |        Type:  defect
   Status:  new       |    Priority:  high  
Milestone:            |   Component:  build 
  Version:  3.0.0     |    Severity:  normal
 Keywords:            |  
 To allow for easier scripting and management of VCL changes, the `varnishd
 -C` check for correct syntax should return a proper return code.
 Regardless of the compilation outcome, zero is returned.

 $ varnishd -C -f /path/to/bad/file/default.vcl
 Message from VCC-compiler:
 Expected one of
         'acl', 'sub', 'backend', 'director', 'probe',  or 'import'
 Found: 'asdasd' at
 ('input' Line 211 Pos 2)

 Running VCC-compiler failed, exit 1
 $ echo $?

 $ varnishd -C -f /path/to/good/file/default.vcl
  * NB:  This file is machine generated, DO NOT EDIT!
  * Edit and run generate.py instead

 struct sess;
 struct cli;

 typedef void vcl_init_f(struct cli *);
 typedef void vcl_fini_f(struct cli *);
 typedef int vcl_func_f(struct sess *sp);


 $ echo $?

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