[Varnish] #1078: req.http.host and port.

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Tue Dec 27 13:25:10 CET 2011

#1078: req.http.host and port.
 Reporter:  TychoCelchu  |        Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new          |    Priority:  normal     
Milestone:               |   Component:  varnishd   
  Version:  3.0.2        |    Severity:  normal     
 Keywords:               |  

 2 instances of varnish 3.0.2 on the same server, one on the port 80 the
 second on the port 81. I had a problem with req.http.host in my vcl_fetch.
 It doesn't work like that:

 req.http.host ~ "(^|\.)mydomain\.com$"

 I have to put the port in my condition, like that:

 req.http.host ~ "(^|\.)mydomain\.com\:81$"

 if i want it to work.

 I don't know if it is a normal way for you but i don't think so. The
 target port shouldn't be a part of the http.host in my mind.

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