[Varnish] #856: nm -an hack does not work on solaris

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#856: nm -an hack does not work on solaris
 Reporter:  slink     |       Owner:  slink
     Type:  defect    |      Status:  new  
 Priority:  lowest    |   Milestone:       
Component:  varnishd  |     Version:  trunk
 Severity:  trivial   |    Keywords:       
 code introduced with [677faa4ed03326eb9432e0f9c3522d3052f292dc] extracts
 symbols output by nm.

 The default, /usr/bin/nm, does not understand the -an option.


  * use gnm, if present
  * use /usr/bin/nm with different options

 the options which seem to generate output closest to (GNU) nm -an are:

 nm -h -v -p -t x


 0x00000000 f .libs/varnishd
 0x00000000 s
 0x00000000 s
 0x00000000 s
 0x08050000 d _START_
 0x08050114 s
 0x08050128 s
 0x08050138 s
 0x0805b244 s
 0x0805b254 U atexit
 0x0805b264 U __fpstart
 0x0805b274 U exit
 0x0805b284 U _exit
 0x0806cf64 T VEP_Init
 0x0806d0e0 T VEP_Finish
 0x0806d274 t ved_sendchunk
 0x0806d384 t ved_decode_len
 0x080be640 B heritage
 0x080bea60 B mgt_vcl_dir
 0x080bea64 B vsm_end
 0x080bea68 B _end
 0x080bea68 b _END_

 Please note:

  * the address in hex format is prefixed with 0x
  * identifiers in the second column are similar, but not identical to GNU

  A       Absolute symbol.
  B       bss (uninitialized data space) symbol.
  C       COMMON symbol.
  D       Data object symbol.
  F       File symbol.
  N       Symbol has no type.
  L       Thread-Local storage symbol.
  S       Section symbol.
  T       Text symbol.
  U       Undefined.

  If the symbol's binding attribute is:

  LOCAL     The key letter is lower case.

  WEAK      The key letter is upper case. If the -l modifier
            is  specified, the upper case key letter is fol-
            lowed by a *

  GLOBAL    The key letter is upper case.

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