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Mon Jan 10 13:18:28 CET 2011

#840: Varnish on Cygwin-Windows Platform
  Reporter:  jdzst       |        Type:  enhancement    
    Status:  closed      |    Priority:  normal         
 Milestone:              |   Component:  build          
   Version:  trunk       |    Severity:  normal         
Resolution:  worksforme  |    Keywords:  cygwin, windows
Changes (by phk):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => worksforme


 I've looked over your patches, but still find they contain a fair bit too
 much unwanted stuff, for instance all the "connection: close" in the
 testcases, (what's up with that ?)

 As I think I said earlier, we are not likely to see a windows port of
 Varnish make it past Tier-C status (http://www.varnish-
 cache.org/docs/trunk/phk/platforms.html) so the intrusiveness of the
 patches we are willing to entertain is very limited.

 I would suggest you create a wiki-page for the cygwin port instead of
 using tickets, until such time as we see that the windows port has a
 relevance and we have a patch-set we can agree on.

 In general we do not use tickets for feature-requests, but only for bugs.

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