[Varnish] #938: Doc issue: max-age should not contain spaces.

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#938: Doc issue: max-age should not contain spaces.
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 This doc specifies headers as "cache-control: max-age = 900":


 Apparently, it'd be more correct to use:

 set beresp.http.Cache-Control = "max-age=900";

 Specifically, we've found in our testing that:

  1. RFC2616 seems to not allow for spaces in this context:
 "max-age" "=" delta-seconds         ; Section 14.9.3, 14.9.4
 delta-seconds  = 1*DIGIT
  1. YSlow and Firebug seem to ignore max-age if there are spaces, which is
 probably related to the next point:
  1. The firefox, unlike other major browsers, doesn't appear to tolerate
 spaces in max-age.  See
 line 533
 533     const char *p = PL_strcasestr(val, "max-age=");

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