[Varnish] #1027: signal 6 on calling error in vcl_deliver

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Tue Nov 1 15:36:22 CET 2011

#1027: signal 6 on calling error in vcl_deliver
  Reporter:  kwy       |        Type:  defect  
    Status:  reopened  |    Priority:  normal  
 Milestone:            |   Component:  varnishd
   Version:  trunk     |    Severity:  normal  
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Comment(by kristian):

 The reason it panics in deliver was because the VCL compiler thought you
 could do error in vcl_deliver, and varnishd disagreed. It paniced on an
 assert that checks for legal return values. error; was one of the few
 states that weren't automatically synchronized between VCC and varnishd.

 The reason it's not possible at the moment is because vcl_error goes
 through vcl_deliver now. There's some work going on here which will
 simplify this whole situation, but since that's the type of change best
 suited for a major release (think removal of vcl_error more or less), the
 question of what to do on the short term remains.

 I do believe the conclusion from a bugwash was: It should be fixed short-
 term too. Just a matter of sitting down and doing it.

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