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#1034: Dual storage depending on object size
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 Hi !

 One of my rare problems with Varnish is choosing between storage size and

 Having a large storage size means using disk.
 Having good perf means using RAM storage.

 Wouldn't it be possible to allow Varnish using both storage types, small
 objects being stored in memory and...guess what...big objects on disk !

 Small objects size limit being a startup setting.

 Balancing between two Varnish instances (one on RAM, one on disk) is not
 possible since we don't know the size of the object before receiving it,
 but maybe Varnish could choose the right storage after fetching the

 To my eyes, the only bad thing in this system would be the additional work
 on lookup since two storages potentially contain the object.

 The best solution would be to lookup in RAM cache first (best perf for
 small objects).

 Would this feature be possible ? Is it already in the pipe ?

 Thanks !

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