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#1122: Backwards example in ESI documentation
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 From: https://www.varnish-cache.org/docs/trunk/tutorial/esi.html

 Example: <!--esi ... -->

 This is a special construct to allow HTML marked up with ESI to render
 without processing. ESI Processors will remove the start ("<!--esi")
 and end ("-->") when the page is processed, while still processing the
 contents. If the page is not processed, it will remain, becoming an
 HTML/XML comment tag. For example::

   <p>Warning: ESI Disabled!</p>
   </p>  -->

 This assures that the ESI markup will not interfere with the rendering
 of the final HTML if not processed.

 The example here says ESI Disabled, but will only be rendered when ESI is
 enabled. It seems to be an example for <esi:remove /> instead.  The text
 should be changed to a real world example, like hiding explanatory text:

     <p>Add a comment below:</p>
     <esi:include src="http://example.com/comment_form.html" />

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