[Varnish] #1166: Varnishadm throws an assert

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#1166: Varnishadm throws an assert
 Reporter:  rj@…        |       Owner:
     Type:  defect      |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal      |   Milestone:
Component:  varnishadm  |     Version:  3.0.2
 Severity:  normal      |  Resolution:  worksforme
 Keywords:  varnishadm  |
Changes (by phk):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => worksforme


 The return value from poll(2) should not be able to be zero, with negative
 3rd argument, so we must assume it was -1 and that EINTR is correct.

 So I think somebody or something sent your varnishadm a signal, and there
 really isn't much we can do about that...

 If you can reproduce it, try to run varnishadm with ktrace/truss/strace to
 see what the signal is and possibly who sent it.

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