[Varnish] #1107: Add ignore_saintmode to req

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Tue Mar 13 17:55:28 CET 2012

#1107: Add ignore_saintmode to req
 Reporter:  ismell             |        Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new                |    Priority:  normal     
Milestone:                     |   Component:  varnishd   
  Version:  trunk              |    Severity:  normal     
 Keywords:  saintmode restart  |  
 With bug #1091 getting fixed there is no way to skip the saintmode check.
 Before you could just return (restart) and if there was no grace object it
 would call the same backend with the same request.

 Having the ability to skip the saintmode check allows us to return a non-
 ideal response instead of returning a 500 error.

 The attached patch adds a req.ignore_saintmode flag and includes a test

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