[Varnish] #1231: Varnish 3.0.3 with panic message: Missing errorhandling code in vmod_softpurge

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Mon Nov 26 00:40:39 CET 2012

#1231: Varnish 3.0.3 with panic message: Missing errorhandling code in
 Reporter:  anders    |      Owner:
     Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal    |  Milestone:
Component:  varnishd  |    Version:  3.0.3
 Severity:  blocker   |   Keywords:
 I am running Varnish 3.0.3 in FreeBSD 8.3 with the following vmods:
 header, curl, var, authentication, digest, paywall (custom - developed by
 Varnish Software) and softpurge.

 After running for some days and doing softpurge every so often, Varnish
 instantly crashes with the following logged to syslog:

 Nov 25 07:20:14 cache4 kernel: pid 35400 (varnishd), uid 0: exited on
 signal 11 (core dumped)
 Nov 25 07:20:18 cache4 varnishd[78804]: Child (35400) Panic message:
 Missing errorhandling code in vmod_softpurge(), vmod_softpurge.c line 63:
 Condition(spc >= sizeof *ocp) not true.thread = (cache-worker) ident =
 Nov 25 07:20:18 cache4 varnishd[78804]: child (83564) Started
 Nov 25 07:20:21 cache4 varnishd[78804]: Child (83564) said Child starts


 (gdb) bt
 #0  0x00000008009dce7f in getframeaddr (level=Variable "level" is not
 ) at execinfo.c:273
 #1  0x00000008009dcebc in backtrace (buffer=Variable "buffer" is not
 ) at execinfo.c:53
 #2  0x000000000042f5a9 in pan_ic (func=0x80713aca5 "vmod_softpurge",
     file=0x80713ab8f "vmod_softpurge.c", line=63,
     cond=0x80713ac65 "spc >= sizeof *ocp", err=Variable "err" is not
 ) at cache_panic.c:283
 #3  0x000000080713a114 in vmod_softpurge (sp=0x8251a1008)
     at vmod_softpurge.c:63
 #4  0x0000000b5e00ba66 in VGC_function_vcl_miss (sp=0x8251a1008)
     at ./vcl.fy3gG5B1.c:6089
 #5  0x00000000004367e8 in VCL_miss_method (sp=0x8251a1008) at
 #6  0x0000000000415a99 in cnt_miss (sp=0x8251a1008) at cache_center.c:1212
 #7  0x0000000000418abc in CNT_Session (sp=0x8251a1008) at steps.h:39
 #8  0x00000000004311e4 in wrk_thread_real (qp=0x801413600,
 shm_workspace=Variable "shm_workspace" is not available.
     at cache_pool.c:186
 #9  0x0000000800f96511 in pthread_getprio () from /lib/libthr.so.3
 #10 0x00007fffe9b50000 in ?? ()
 Cannot access memory at address 0x7fffe9d50000

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