[Varnish] #1256: spurious sigchlds causes ping pong to stop working

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Mon Jan 28 15:17:24 CET 2013

#1256: spurious sigchlds causes ping pong to stop working
 Reporter:  martin    |      Owner:
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Component:  varnishd  |    Version:  trunk
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 On my debian linux system, sigchlds received from e.g. vcc/gcc causes the
 ev_poker to be removed from MGT's event list, causing the master<->child
 ping pong to stop.

 This has been confirmed on both 3.0 and master.

 This is caused by mgt_sigchld()(mgt_child.c) removing the ev_poker event
 unconditionally on any sigchld received. Though the question remains open
 why these signals are received in the first place.

 Interestingly phk did not see the same effect on FreeBSD.


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