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#1305: Varnish:time_firstbyte and others are misleading
 Reporter:  JonathanHuot  |       Type:  documentation
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 Timings in varnish are a bit misleading in documentation.
 Since it's important when writing a lot of consuming VCL (e.g. using VMOD)
 I would like to suggest this minor improvement :

 Reading [https://www.varnish-cache.org/trac/wiki/Varnishlog#ReqEnd], we
 understand pretty well that the fifth number is ''from the start of the
 request processing until we start delivering''.

 Then, if we want to print this value in varnishncsa, [https://www.varnish-
 reference a "firstbyte" ''Time to the first byte from the backend
 arrived'' as the same value as fifth number of ReqEnd.

 What I suggest, is replacing '''time_firstbyte''' by '''time_lastbyte'''
 because we already read the full body from the backend (if streaming ==

 '''time_lastbyte''' is maybe not very meaningful, feel free to propose
 other names, because I think this name is very important to be understood
 by VMOD developers (and VCL writers).

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