[Varnish] #1377: varnishlog -I does not play well with -i or -m

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#1377: varnishlog -I does not play well with -i or -m
 Reporter:  frisi  |       Type:  documentation
   Status:  new    |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:         |  Component:  varnishlog
  Version:  3.0.4  |   Severity:  normal
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 i want varnishlog to only show entries for a certain url (using the -m
 switch) which works fine:

 varnishlog -c -m 'RxURL:^/my/folder.*$'

 after that i'd like to limit the output to certain tags/headers i'm
 interested in:

 varnishlog -c -m 'RxURL:^/my/folder.*$' -i RxRequest -i RxURL -i TxStatus

 in addition i'd like to see the host header. i could add another {{{-i
 RxHeader}}} but this would give me too much information. so i try

 varnishlog -c -m 'RxURL:^/my/folder.*$' -i RxRequest -i RxURL -i TxStatus
 -I 'Host:'

 which results in absolutely no output.
 the same when i skip all -i options:

 varnishlog -c -m 'RxURL:^/my/folder.*$' -I 'Host:'

 it seems -I can't be combined with the -i and -m options.
 the only thing that works is

 varnishlog -I 'Host:'

 if i understand correctly i should be able to add certain tags via
 {{{-i}}} and additionally print certain log entries that match my Regex(s)
 provided by {{{-I}}}

 manpage excerpt:

        -I regex
               Include  log  entries which match the specified regular
 expression.  If neither -I nor -i is speci‐
               fied, all log entries are included.

        -i tag Include log entries with the specified tag.  If neither -I
 nor -i is specified, all log entries are

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